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Friday, July 15, 2016

Still #nevertrump

    This has been the weirdest and most frustrating election I have seen in my life. We had a few true conservative candidates that could have beat Hillary Clinton, but the majority of people who voted in the primaries picked a candidate far more liberal than the failure moderates we have run in the last couple of elections.

   It hasn't been easy for we who see the truth about Trump and aren't willing to ignore what he has said and done before he ran on the GOP ticket. It isn't easy to stand up to other conservatives and Christians against what you strongly believe is wrong and bordering on insanity.

   I have prayed about it, thought about it, discussed and debated about it, and have felt for several months now that I cannot vote for Donald Trump if he is indeed on the ballot in November. I have done several blog posts about my reasons already, but this is an updated one and is me standing up to say I am still #nevertrump.

  Trump supporters frustrate me....and especially the ones most who supported him from the start. I can understand, though not agree with, those who are reluctantly getting behind him now since it seems he will be on the ballot..... but I cannot and never will understand those who have supported and voted for him over the decent and conservative candidates we had to choose from. A post like this will never convince those people they are wrong about Trump....... and this isn't a post to convince anyone of anything about Trump. It is simply a post stating why I cannot vote for him:

1) I don't trust him. Come on,  the man held liberal views and policies for years and supported Hillary Clinton and other liberals before he jumped on the GOP ticket. What sane person wouldn't be suspicious?

2) I don't like him.

3) He is a bully - it is ridiculous the way he goes after people who disagree with him.

4) The same things in Obama that I have hated are the things I see in him:

    Disregard for the Constitution
    (and more)

5) He is vulgar. No Christian should support a man who says the things he says

6) He owns strip clubs. Really... how can a Christian be OK with that? Do they realize what goes on in those places and how women are used and often abused for the pleasure of pigs like Trump?

7) The man is a serial adulterer who brags about cheating on his wives.

8) He has promised to further gay rights, which means the rights of Christians will be further trampled and sacrificed to gay rights.....why and how can I vote for a man who is essentially promising to infringe on my rights and freedoms?

9) He is not pro-life. Oh, he says the right things for the most part, but he defends the largest abortion provider in the country, and was so pro-abortion that he supported partial birth abortion before his GOP run. Does anyone truly believe he changed his views that drastically? I don't. And I made a promise long ago that I would not vote for a candidate who is not pro-life.

10) Hillary Clinton. He supported and defended her and Bill for years, and is just now saying how corrupt and dishonest she is? Really?! I have known that for years, ever since they came on the national political scene. If he is so lacking in intelligence and discernment that it took him this long, how on earth is he qualified to make decisions as a president.

Unless of course, he knew all along how corrupt and dishonest she was but it didn't matter til now.

11) He is too think skinned and short tempered. We need someone who can be calm and take a lot. The idea of him being in charge of our nuclear codes is disturbing.

12) He is not presidential. Yeah, not a biggie in the grand scheme, but is another thing I don't like about him.

13) I don't believe he can win. People keep telling me I will be throwing my vote away by writing in Ted Cruz, and that it will mean a vote for Hillary. The latter is an idiotic statement to make, and I would rather throw my vote away on a candidate I respect and support than on one I have nothing but disdain for.

Polls have consistently shown that Trump loses to Hillary, but she would lose to Cruz or Rubio. Those polls have not changed.

Conservative experts acknowledge we lost the last two elections largely in part because we ran candidates who were not conservative enough..... so our solution is to run someone far to the left of both of those candidates? In what reality is that going to work?

14) I don't believe Trump is any better than Hillary Clinton.

15) We are told we need a businessman, but this businessman has several bankruptcies and failed businesses.

16) He is a hypocrite. He claims he will bring more jobs to the US, yet goes outside of the country to make his products.

17) No one truly knows what the man stands for or against. He flip flops even more than John Kerry did.

18) The man is a disaster on foreign policy.

19) I would be a hypocrite to vote for Trump. I would have to do the same things I criticize Democrats for doing if I voted for him. And after being against him for so long, how can I set aside my beliefs and all I have said about him and vote for him?

20) I cannot as a Christian vote for this man. He stands against everything I believe, and I disagree with his views and policies on everything. I would simply be voting against Hillary, and I can do that by voting for Ted Cruz.

21) Donald Trump has trashed the candidates I liked and anyone who disagrees with him. He said we who criticize him can just sit this election out..... why would I want to vote for him after that?

  When Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, Trump supporters are going to blame we who didn't vote for him. The blame, however, will lie with those who consistently ignored conservative and Christian values, history, and common sense to support a man who can never be conservative or beat Hillary Clinton.

 If we lower our standards this much for Trump, how far will we lower them for the next candidate? Donald Trump is where I stop. I have voted for too many candidates already that I didn't respect or truly want for my president. and he is far worse than they....... so I have reached my limit. Every Christian should have one, and this is mine.

  And if anyone should understand my position, it should be other Christians..... but if you support Trump, you support him over your Christian brothers and sisters. Sad, but true. My pro-Trump Christian friends who have taken a stand on other issues can't seem to understand my stand on Trump....to them, trying to stop Hillary trumps (I hate that word) Christian principles, and I have no right to those principles.

 So this election, I am voting my conscience. If Trump does indeed run against Hillary, she will destroy him in the voting booth, and I will at least have the comfort of doing what I knew and felt to be right.

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