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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sarah Palin, I am sorry

   I never cared much for or about John McCain. I felt he was a poor candidate and the Republican Party could do much better, but he won the nomination and seemed to hold the same views as I do on the important things....so I very unenthusiastically supported him.

   And then he pulled a wild card. He picked as his running mate an outspoken female governor from Alaska. I liked her immediately, and it seemed to put new life into his campaign. The liberals, liberal media, and even some Republicans relentlessly attacked her on every side, even going after her children - something they would never do to a Democrat. I defended her a lot - to people around me, on Facebook, and on news sites.

  So now, I feel I owe Sarah Palin an apology. Sarah, I am deeply sorry for ever supporting and defending you. Maybe everything that was said about you was correct, and you are the failure and moronic woman they have so long painted you as.

  I was disappointed when instead of supporting a true conservative that you helped get elected - Ted Cruz - you threw your support behind the worst candidate to ever run on the GOP ticket. I have been irritated as you have chastised we with principles that feel we cannot vote for this despicable candidate, and infuriated at the things you have said about us.

   But yesterday, you really went too far. You called out the #NeverTrump people, which I am proudly and unashamed to be one of, and laid into us. You called us Republicans Against Trump - or RAT - thinking you were clever for your little acronym. Lady, that was uncalled for. You are the one being a rat. You are the one deserting conservative principles and values to throw your support behind a candidate a true conservative cannot and will not vote for. You are the one deserting the Republican Party.

  I guess it is all about politics with you after all, You don't truly care about what is good and important, but for some insane reason have decided to go with Trump. What did he offer you to get your vote - a position in his admiinsitration that he will never have? A chance to be his next wife if you divorce Todd? What possessed you to do this, or were you this person all along and hid it to get conservatives to like you?

 Well this RAT is done with you. Never again will I defend you and your family who seems bent on immorality - how many grandchildren have you had out of wedlock now anyway? Never again will I support you for any reason. I sincerely apologize for ever thinking you were conservative, decent, and VP worthy. You are none of those things. As someone said: Sarah, go home. You're drunk.

   I still think the liberals and media should have left your children alone, but it looks like you yourself got everything you deserved from them. I am sorry I supported and defended you. It won't happen again,

  Sincerelly, the RAT Mark Buzard

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  1. Agreed, although I am not a never Trump!! I couldnt believe that one when she came out for him!