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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I pledge allegiance to which flag?

  Years ago when people would go into battle, there would be someone carrying a flag. It was an important job, and if he went down, someone else would grab the flag and march on. It was a bad sign if the flag wasn't raised. It was basically a sign of hope that meant they were still in the battle and there was still a chance they could win.

  A couple of hundred years ago a battle raged at Fort McHenry. There was an American man trapped on a British ship listening to the sounds of the battle all night long as the British tried to overtake the American fort. The next morning as the sun rose, he looked toward the fort and saw that the American was still flying over the fort. The enemy had not won, and the Americans had stood strong and not given up, but had been victorious. That man was Francis Scott Key and that event led him to write the words to what is now our national anthem.

  There has been a lot of talk about flags lately. If one has social media, there is no end of flag talk.

  There is the Confederate flag, which because of one crazed young man, is now evil and everyone is trying to wipe it from the face of the earth, with more and more crazy ideas of what needs banned coming daily.

  And with the sad legalization of same-sex marriage, the rainbow flag is all over Facebook, the flag of gay people who live their lives in defiance of what God says about their sin.

The American flag has been prevalent with July 4th around the corner. Also a few crazy individuals are calling for the ban of it also. And there are people posting it just because other flags are being posted.

  And then there is the Christian flag. It isn't as well known, and is one you'll never see flying from the White House, Supreme Court, or any other government building.

  A flag is a symbol. The American flag stands for freedom and for all of the men and women who fought and died to make our country free, who risked their lives to stand up to a government that was getting too oppressive and taxing too much. I will gladly pledge my allegiance to it, but it may some day be banned, or come to stand for something I don't want to be a part of. Our country is becoming more and more hostile to Christians, and the legalization of gay marriage will make that worse. The day may come when I will not be able to pledge allegiance to the American flag. Our hope should not lie in it. Everything it stands for may some day not exist here, and may be used against us. There are already those who don't like our country who see it as a sign of oppression and hate.

  The Confederate flag was the flag of the South and to Southerners represent their heritage and history. Most don't see slavery or oppression when they look at it, and I believe they have a right to fly their flag. On the flip side are people offended by the flag - and not those who have suddenly become offended because the media and government told them it is offensive. To some, it is something they want no part of and stands for everything they consider bad and oppressive.

  It is sad that something God created as a promise has become the symbol of gay pride and is on their flag. To gay people, it means pride and the freedom to be what they feel they were born to be.... gay. But to others, it stands for a sin that God called an abomination. It stands for a loss of freedoms and being forced to do things against their beliefs.

  There are other flags. Communist flags, terrorist flags (both of which are still sold by Amazon who won't sell the Confederate flag), flags for sports teams, state flags, and flags for a ton of other organizations and beliefs.

  But only one flag stands for something that can never change, something that is not oppressive and will never let you down... or should I say SOMEONE.

The pledge to the Christian flag is "I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again, with life and liberty to all who believe."

  The Christian flag is nothing in and of itself. It is just a piece of white with a blue square and a red cross. Nothing very imaginative or extravagant. But it is what it stands for that is important: Jesus Christ, our Savior. All other flags symbolize something bad, or something that may let us down, or what they stand for may change....what the Christian flag stands for, Jesus, will never, ever change.

  I don't care about the Confederate flag. It holds no special meaning to me, nor does it offend me.  The Communist flag and flag of Hammas stand for things that I hate: death, oppression, torture, and terrorism. The rainbow flag stands for sin and the opposite of true freedom in Christ. It stands for a lifestyle that will take you away from Christ and cause heartbreak, is more risk for disease and early death... and ultimately cause people to miss Heaven.

Only one flag is worth our ultimate allegiance: The Christian flag. I believe any freedom-loving American should fly the American flag, and I also believe any freedom-loving Christian should fly the American flag. It symbolizes Jesus, wherein true freedom, contentment, and eternal life lie. Following Who it symbolizes will never lead us wrong, will never disappoint us, and will end with an eternity in Heaven.... something noting else symbolized by a flag can do.

  If I am going to pledge ultimate allegiance to a flag, I want it to be to the Christian flag. The flag itself is just a piece of cloth with a blue square and red cross.......but it stands for so much more than any other flag.

  And in these troublesome times in our country and across the world, one flag flies high above the rest.....the flag of Jesus Christ.

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