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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ban the donkey, not a flag

***I will use the word "black" and "white" for people in this post. I mean no offense by it and a lot of black people are not offended by it, and it should be no more offensive than to call white people "white".

I have become amazed at the country's attempt to vilify the Confederate flag. Yes, it was the flag of  the South who fought for slavery, but to make such a big deal over it 200 + years later is crazy. Just because a crazed killer had one in his possession and had all kinds of neo-Nazi and anti-black ideas in his mind, does not suddenly make the flag worse than it was. He also had a Gold Gym's shirt on, and no one is calling for a ban of that......

  And the insanity just keeps getting worse. First, it started with wanting to take the Confederate flag down from the Capitol building. OK, dumb move, but not that extreme. Then it moved on to stores and online retailers pulling all Confederate flags and related items. Then Apple banned all Civil War games, the Duke's of Hazzzard iconic vehicle was pulled from sales and is going to be redone, calls for banning the movie Gone With the Wind abound, and the mayor of Memphis wants to dig up a Confederate general and his wife from a city park and relocate him......

  I am sure there is a handful of people truly offended by the Confederate flag, but most of what we are seeing is mob mentality. The media and liberals suddenly decided to push this idea that the flag is bad and a symbol of slavery, so everyone has jumped on the bandwagon without intelligent thought, and joined the call for the flag's removal and attempt to wipe it from history.

  In fact, if you are a white person, the chances that you found the flag offensive before you were told to find it offensive are as slim as the pope getting married tomorrow or a rabbi eating pork. You were most likely never offended by it until the mob mentality took over.

  What amazes me the most about it all, is how so many people - black and white - are holding a grudge against a flag, yet so quickly and easily forgive and forget the party of slavery....... and vote for them over and over again.

 Facts are tricky and inconvenient things some times, but here are some:

1) The Confederate flag did not fight for slavery, but the Democratic party did.

2) The Confederate flag did not form the KKK, but the Democrats did.

3) The Confederate flag did not make Jim Crow laws, but the Democrats did.

4) The Confederate flag did not fight against civil rights, but the Democrats did.

  Some more inconvenient truths:

1) Bill and Hillary Clinton had a ceremony honoring the Confederate flag when he was governor of Arkansas. 

2) Al Gore, former Democrat nominee for president, has a father who fought civil rights.

3) Robert Byrd was a Democratic Senator for 50 years formed a KKK chapter with 150 of his friends..... yet people voted him in over and over and he held the office of senator for 50 years. A flag didn't form that KKK chapter, but a Democrat did.

4) Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican. You'll never hear a Democrat talk about THAT.

5) Abortion is one of the pet platforms of Democrats, and Planned Parenthood one of their greatest causes, yet the woman who founded PP wanted abortion legalized to thin down the black population - that is a fact.

6) Hillary Clinton, front runner for the Democrat nominee for president, called that same woman, Margaret Sanger, her hero and highly lauded her....... yet thousands of people will go out and vote for Hillary because "it will be so wonderful to have a woman president", and she has a "D" beside her name.

7) In my lifetime, there have been Democrats in office who voted against civil rights.

  The Democrats are the party of slavery and the party who fought against rights for black people as recently as the 60's...... but people want to ignore that and focus on a flag that did nothing to them from 200 + years. The flag is just a symbol of slavery and oppression to some - it didn't physically do anything to anyone.

  Now think about that intelligently for a moment: Does it make any sense even in an alternate reality, to have so much outrage about the flag of the South because they fought for slavery, yet not be bothered by the fact that the Democrats fought to keep slavery and fought civil rights?

  I am not so calloused to think that there are not black people who are truly offended by the flag without being told by our media and political leaders that they should find it offensive. They have that right, but the people who are suddenly offended because it is the thing to do and they have been told they should be offended..... I have no time or patience for them. Tomorrow it will be something else that they are jumping on the "this offends me" bandwagon. And there are a lot of things that offend me, but since I am a Christian the government and media doesn't care.

  I have my own ideas about the flag, but am not going into it. This post is not a defense of the flag, but an attempt to point out that people need to go after the true culprits - The Democratic party who spent so many years fighting against black people and did all they could to block any rights.

  It amazes me that Christians have so long voted Democrat. The Democrats of yesterday were so anti-black in their policies, The Democrats of today are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and so far from biblical principles...... and granted the Republicans aren't doing too great, but still hold closer to the important issues.

  But it amazes me even more that any person of color would vote Democrat. This is the party that did nothing but fight them for over 200 years,.... and they so easily forget and forgive that, and instead go after a flag. And worse.... they go after any person of color and treat them badly who dares vote for the party who freed their ancestors and fought for their rights for over 200 years........talk about a parallel universe.

  So go ahead and take down the Confederate flag..... but if you go out and vote for the party who tried to keep slavery legal and fought against civil rights, then you may as well surround your property with Confederate flags and sing Dixie all day long. It isn't the flag's fault. It is the fault of the party of slavery - the Democrats.

 And this is blunt.... but I am blunt: If you are in on the mob mentality to ban the Confederate flag and still vote for the party of slavery, you are not making any sense at all.

 I am sure if anyone reads this, they may point out that the Democrat party has changed. I don't think they have....... they have never been on the right side of anything...... but even if they have, why go after an inanimate object because it is a symbol of slavery when people overlook the whole Democratic party which consists of a lot of symbols of slavery even more than a flag.

 If you truly want to do something that matters in regards to history and slavery, then ban the donkey....the Democratic party. Banning a flag isn't going to do anything except make a few people feel better and destroy part of American history.

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