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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Fear not

  I have never counted, but I am told that there are 365 references in the Bible saying not to fear. One for every day of the year, except the year 2020....and any other leap year. Wonder why God didn't toss one extra one in for leap year...

 The last four years have been interesting. This is not a political post, but I will say since I didn't go with the status quo in 2016, it has given me a different perspective. I watch a lot, and have seen so much from Christians (including myself) that has made me realize how weak we Christians are in areas, and how there are so many things the Bible says that we tend to disregard, ignore, twist, or toss out when it is convenient.

 Fear is one of those areas. Does anyone else notice how afraid Christians are? I am convinced the main reason Donald Trump is president is fear. Christians in the Republican party were so afraid of Hillary, they picked the guy who was the most liberal and was the worst fin the principles, morals, and values that had always directed our voting. He fought hard and dirty, and he got picked because so many figured he was the best bet against Hillary.

 Post after post on social media reeks of fear:

Corona virus
People not wearing masks
Going down the wrong aisle at Walmart
Bill Gates
The mark of the beast
Being chipped
Deep state
Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory
The Democrats
The Republicans
Running out of TP
Democrats stealing the election through mail in ballots
The economy
The virus hurting Trump's re-election (eye roll)
Unemployment running out
Social security running out
Hand sanitizer running out
Running out of money
Our job closing
Running out of tacos

  You name it, there are people afraid, and it affects what they post on social media. Positive posts are rare from so many. But posts warning about this or that are rampant. One could make the deduction that many Christians don't truly trust in God. Every election, fear mongering is more popular than tacos. Politicians use fear. Talk radio hosts use fear. It is used to manipulate people.

   I have fears. I am scared to death of snakes. I fear dying in my apartment, and no one knowing for a few days or missing me. For too much of my life I lived in constant fear that people would find out that I was attracted to males instead of females. Now, I admit it as freely as the fact I am wearing one of my favorite t-shirts I bought last year at the Outer Banks. People found out, I announced it on this blog, and I'll tell people if it comes up. And to my knowledge, it hasn't had an effect on my life. No one hung out with me before, so I can't see a difference. I got more blow-back for being anti-Trump. True story.

  And that is the thing. So many things we worry about and fear never happen. The chances of me being bit by a poisonous snake are very slim, especially living where I live and not going where they are prevalent. Caution needs to be used during this pandemic, but if one is careful and takes preventive measures, your chances are pretty good at not getting it. Sure....you could, but should we live in constant fear of it.......or of anything?

 No, I don't trust our government. Four more years of Trump or 4 years of Biden is something that worries me....but who do we really believe is in control? When we go to the voting booth, are we going in fear that the evil Democrats will win and will destroy America? Or do we go trusting that God has it under control no matter who wins.

 Fear influences our actions, and everything in our lives. I was watching something last night that led to my blogging about fear. A spirit of fear had invaded a town. People feared a group of people who were different than them. Some were hunting down teenagers and killing them out of fear. At one point, a handful of these teens were hiding in the police department, and the building was surrounded by people with all kinds of guns wanting to kill who they feared.

 That may be a drastic example of what fear can do, but it can control us. It affects our actions and reactions. It directs what we post on social media, and how we act towards those who hold a different viewpoint on what we fear.

 Maybe I am judging, but it sure seems like too many Christians are living in constant fear, and are not trusting God enough.....or at all. If it is judging, then I am judging myself too.

 But if Christians are not living in fear, then won't our lives reflect it? Won't it influence what we post on social media.......and what we don't post? A Christian's outlook should be different from non-Christians if they are not living in fear, but are living a life of trusting that God has it all under His control.

 Daily we can find a different and new reminder in God's Word to not fear. It isn't a suggestion. There are no exceptions. Fear not.

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