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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February musings

  I haven't blogged much lately. There's a few reasons why: 1)  I haven't had much to say...... that anyone may want to hear, 2) I have really been depressed, discouraged, and disappointed lately (the 3 D's!), and 3) I still have a lot to say about Donald Trump, and his winning the nomination for the GOP nominee....but I have been silenced. So, I have to find other things to talk about......though something about him may sneak in occasionally.....give me a break, I was very vocal about Obama, and I don't like Trump much more.....

 Anyway, I have been working on this for a couple of weeks, and it was supposed to be January musings, but February is here.....so they are now February musings. Enjoy. Or not....

Stuff that has been on my mind lately

1) Maybe if people weren't in such a hurry to date and marry, they might find out who they are before they jump into relationships and lose themselves. Maybe divorce wouldn't be so common if people stayed single longer.

2) Valentine's Day is fast approaching...... or as I call it, Single Awareness Day.

3) We went over and listed the most important doctrines of the Church in Sunday School class on Sunday. I wanted to add two to the list, but didn't: Always vote Republican, and use the King James Version only. (Those would have been sarcastic).

4) What if we push people too much into marriage? What if there are people who would be better off single, but family and friends pushed them to date and marry? Could other people than the couple sometimes be partially responsible for the divorce that takes place so often?

5) I don't remember any of my Facebook friends saying we need to stop whining about who won the election, and that we need to support him......when it was Obama who won. Isn't that odd.......

6) The older I get, the more I hate winter. I'll be worrying about a safe trip to work, and I have friends hoping for more snow.....are they nuts?!

7) I truly can't see how any Christian could support abortion.... for any reason. To be OK with the ripping apart of an innocent baby........they'd never be OK with that if it were an animal.

8) If Heaven is so wonderful, why do health nuts work so hard on putting it off as long as they can?

9) People who smoke amaze me. They pay way too much for something they are going to burn, they seem to think they have a God-given right to litter wherever and whenever they feel like it....... and they will ask random strangers who smoke for a cigarette, and the random stranger will most likely give them one.

10) I am doing it: I am going to the Amish part of Ohio for two days next week, and taking advantage of the winter package deal from the Dutch Host Inn in Sugarcreek, OH. For $74.95 (plus tax), I am going to get:

1) One night stay at the inn

2) Supper (dinner) out at my choice of 3 restaurants

3) Breakfast out at my choice of 3 restaurants

4) A pound of Swiss cheese

5) A loaf of bread

6) 2 fry pies

7) A 1/2 gallon of apple cider

8) A 3 oz fudge cup

9) A bottle of BBQ sauce

10) A timer candle

11) A personalized pen

12) A collectible ornament

13) A pair of socks

14) Two popcorn balls

15) A leather coin purse

16) A dusting cloth

17) A stainless steel mixing spoon

18) A Swiss Heritage wine glass

19) 2 votive candles

   I did this last February, and loved it. All of the items are in stores scattered all over the area. When you check in, you get an envelope with coupons and a map where all of the stores are. I most likely won't go after the socks..... I wasn't impressed with the ones they had last year, and it is really out of the way. But the rest..... bring on the Amish scavenger hunt!

11) There is a lot of praise and worship on Facebook.  Sadly, God is not the recipient of that P&W.

12) I did my taxes Saturday night, and though most likely my return won't be back before the trip, that is one thing I am doing with my return. :)

13) I really, really need to get away.......see #10 :)

14) I am still disgusted enough by the results of the GOP primary, that I may never vote again.....and will at least be changing to Independent. Never again will I be told I must vote for the GOP candidate because I am a Republican. Never.

15) Lately I have been wondering how involved Jesus would be in politics. Would He even vote? Would He endorse any candidate? Or would He be too busy with heavenly business to even pay attention.........

16) Why on earth do we need and use Roman numerals here in America? I should not have to work at figuring out the release date on a CD because they used Roman numerals. Seriously... what is the purpose??

17) I was working 2 12 hour days and 2 8 hour days with my new job, but we are changing to 4 10's....... and I am not happy.

18) I believe any Christian in this country who has kids in Boy Scouts needs to pull their kids out of it after this new insane decision by the Boy Scouts of America. A good option is Trail Life USA.

19) I'll be honest about Valentine's Day......for the first time in my life. The main part I don't like the day is because I can't date/marry/find love......because of the inconvenient fact that I am attracted to the wrong gender. And no, I am not bitter, nor do I have an intense hatred of the day. It just isn't a day I care much about, and truly is a day that I am reminded everywhere I look that I am single for life. Maybe I should have taken my trip on Valentine's Day.......

20) I really admire people who stay out of political discussions, and who no one has a clue who they voted for or didn't vote for. I may aim for that next election.

21) Speaking of politics, wouldn't it be awesome if you could filter out things you don't want to see on Facebook.....football, politics, praise of politicians you despise, memes asking you to type "Amen!" if you love Jesus........

22) What if the liberals and conservatives are both wrong on this immigration/refugee issue?

23) What if we look at things too much as Americans, and not as Christians?

24) I wish I could live in sweat pants and t-shirts. And sandals.

25) It amazes me that heterosexual men love to watch almost naked guys boxing or writing around on a mat...... it would seem a sport that gay guys would enjoy. I personally find it all barbaric and a bit gross.

26) Spring is 49 days 6 hours 59 minutes 40 seconds.... from the time of this post :)

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