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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why I am not getting Trumped

 Many conservatives are going nuts over the celebrity who wants to be president. Their blind adulation reminds me a lot of the same blind adulation that Obama got from his followers in his first presidential run, and somewhat in his second. You ask his supporters for proof that Trump is a conservative..... and there is crickets. I should know..... I asked that on Facebook, and no one replied, and I know there at least a handful of Trump supporters that I am Facebook friends with..... yet. there were crickets.

  Well, not literal crickets, but there was silence from his supporters. I am guessing that had no proof to give, Just like Obama's supporters, they really don't know much of what he stands for. They are just tired of what we have, and he is the loudest person out there.

  I have been watching him, and I admit I liked what he was saying at first. I like what he says on immigration, but..... after all this time, that is all I know his stance on. I don't know if he is truly pro-life and is for de-funding Planned Parenthood. I don't know his stance on the Second Amendment. I don't know his stance on gay marriage..... which is still important to me even though a few self important judges decided their opinion trumped God's and anyone else's.

 So here is why I am not voting for Trump. If, God forbid; he wins the GOP nomination........I will do as I did the last couple of elections and hold my nose and vote for what I hope is the lesser of two evils:

1) I am not convinced he is a conservative. He yells a lot about immigration and making America great again...... but he has been a liberal in the past...... has he truly changed? Where is the proof that  he has changed?

2) He is arrogant and a bully. His style reminds me a lot of someone else I intensely dislike: Obama. Trump acts a lot like Obama does when he is angry at someone. And he is also as arrogant as Obama..... or close to it. The way he goes after those who disagree with him is very Obama-like.

3) He voted for Obama.... at least once. How can I say this politely..... I wouldn't want someone working on my car if I knew they voted for Obama..... the evidence was there that Obama would be bad for our country. Anyone capable of intelligent thought knew he would be bad for America...... yet, this same Donald Trump claiming to be conservative was stupid enough to vote for him. So he is too stupid to be president of our country.

4) Closely related to that, he said in 2008 that Hillary Clinton would make a great president...... again, that statement proves he has poor judgment and a severe lack of intelligence that one would need to make a good president.

Plus, he has supported the Clintons financially over the years and been in bed (figuratively) with them for years. What if his run is part of a plan to launch her into the White House?

5) Donald Trump is a celebrity. We do not need another celebrity type president.

6) Even if Trump is on the up and up and plans to beat Hilary Clinton, I don't believe he can beat her and will hand the win to her whether he intends to or not.

7) Trump defended Bill Clinton's abuse of women on more than one occasion.......and now he is going to attack the Clintons for that/

8) He is a hypocrite: see point 7.... he also criticized moving jobs out of the US, but his clothing company is in....... Mexico. Imagine that.

9) He is all show and an actor.... and he is acting every day on the campaign trail.

10) He has switched parties and loyalties before. How can be trusted to not do it again?

11) None of our allies or enemies will take him seriously.

12) He is not presidential at all, and more closely resembles a whiny little kid than a president.

  Overall, I think he is bad news. IF he wins the GOP nomination, I can't see him beating the Democrat candidate, which is most likely the same Hillary Clinton he has praised and supported for years.

 And IF he wins the presidency, will he truly espouse conservative values, or will he flip back to liberal policies once he has fooled conservatives into voting for him.

 I am planning on voting for Cruz. I have been watching him since he became Senator, and he IS definitely conservative. He never voted for Obama or the Clintons. He has stuck his neck out more than any other Republican Senator. He is everything Trump is not. I hope and pray he gets the nomination, and not this bully/celebrity that is fooling the masses.

I am not getting Trumped, and hopefully America does not get Trumped.

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