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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thoughts on guns, gun control, and God

Another school shooting has happened, this one at a community college that left 9 dead and several injured. My heart breaks for the families who will never again see their loved ones again on this earth, and I wish we could find a way to stop this violence. Here are some thoughts I have about it, in no particular order:

  I am weary of Obama politicizing these shootings and immediately standing on the bodies of those killed to trumpet his desire for more gun laws. A real leader, a compassionate leader would call the nation to prayer, not use a tragedy to work on his dream - disarming Americans. One only has to look up what he wants done via gun control to see why he can't help but use these tragedies to his advantage. His gun views are so extreme, those views alone should have cost him the presidency.

  Guns are not the problem. Yeah, it is a broken record, but so is blaming guns, the NRA, Republicans, and Christians every time there is a shooting. Sinful people are the problem.

The Second Amendment was made to protect American citizens from the government... something to remember now that we have a president bound and determined to take away that right.

Down through history, one of the first things a dictator did was to disarm the citizens of the country. No, I am not saying Obama is a dictator, but he has the makings of one.... he has expressed that the Constitutions gets in the way of what he wants to do, and he has bypassed Congress to do what he wants and abused the separation of powers.

  Obama wants to disarm Americans while he is letting Iran have nukes.

All of these shootings happen in gun free zones. That is like an advertisement to killers where they can do the most damage and not have someone shooting back.

An oldie but true: If they outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.

  I find it hypocritical of anyone who has armed security - whether it be the President of the US, congressmen, actors, sports figures, etc - to say that we average Americans need more gun control and do not need guns. If they are so pro-gun control, how about they stop being in movies with guns? How about they get rid of their armed security and live like we little people? If Obama hates guns so much, how about HE try living without guns surrounding him and see how that works out......

  Why when a minority is killed by guns, whether they be black, Muslim, or gay, Obama focuses on the victim, but when Christians have been killed by gun, his focus is entirely on guns and he ignores the victims being killed because of who they were?

  Why do the gun control fanatics not go after alcohol? I would bet the numbers of people hurt, abused, and killed because of alcohol are greater than the number of Americans hurt and killed by guns, yet no one is pushing for more laws to regulate alcohol.

Why does Obama ignore the constant black on black killing in his home town of Chicago.... a town that has strict gun laws and a high rate of murder?

Obama should be held accountable for the violence towards policemen and Christians. He has done a lot to stir up fear, distrust, and hatred of both.

If you take guns away, criminals will still find them, or just use other methods to kill people.

  Anyone capable of intelligent reasoning and thought should question what has changed? Even when I was a kid, there was not this much violence and shootings.... and gun laws were even less constrictive then. There was a time in America that if a young man was walking down the street with a gun on his shoulder, people assumed he was going hunting or was at the dump shooting rats. There was a day boys took guns to school with them. Guns haven't changed, so what has?

I'll answer that question:

1) TV. Television and movies have grown increasingly more violent. Violence is glorified and entertains. And ironically, the very same people acting out the violence with guns and other weapons are at the forefront of demanding more gun control.

2) Video games. Video games have become more and more violent as the years have gone by.

3) Drugs. A lot of these killers have been on some form of medication.

4) The breakdown of the family. Too many kids are growing up without a dad in the picture. In black communities where they claim there is the most violence and arrests, it is most predominant that men have gotten women pregnant, then walked away to never father the children they had a part in bringing into this world.... but it isn't just a black problem. All races here in the US are leaving fatherless children to grow up and find gangs or other undesirable people and things to hang out with and do.

5) We have lost respect for life. Abortion and getting used to it has cost us, and part of that cost is we don't value life like we used to.

6) A move away from God. I believe this is the biggest and most important change that has resulted in the violence and killing we see today.

Our country was founded on Christianity and biblical principles. Liberals have tried to rewrite history, but it is true. The Bible used to be taught in all schools in our country, not just Christian schools. Prayer was encouraged and done in all schools.

Then America kicked God out of the schools. They kicked Him out of the government, citing separation of church and state, ignoring the fact that that separation was to protect the church from the government, not the government from the church.

TV has become more and more anti-God and anti-Christian. The media and most politicians despise true Christianity and anyone who truly lives by the Bible.

We as a country have drifted far from God, and far from what this country was founded on. And we are reaping. Immorality is celebrated. What used to be done in private is paraded in the streets and defended by politicians and the media. God is mocked, Christians hated, and the country gets more and more violent. Godless politicians, actors, sports figures, and other anti-gun extremists will never get it..... more gun control is not the answer. Getting this country back to God is the answer.

When I graduated from Bible college, I had to pick a favorite verse from the Bible to have in the yearbook. I picked 11 Chronicles 7:14:
Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. (NLT)

  THAT is the answer, not more gun control. Politics are not the answer, but imagine if the president of our country would do what this verse says and call the whole country to prayer and repentance. Sadly, we have the most anti-Christian president we have ever had, and he is more concerned with his agenda than in God or what is right and good.

  But those who serve God and are true Christians can do it. Even if the leader of our country is not calling for prayer, for repentance, for a turning back to God.....we can. If enough people who bear His name would follow this verse, who knows what might happen in our country?

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