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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Slavery, the Holocaust, and Abortion

 I have studied and read about the Holocaust and the issue of slavery a lot in my life. The same thoughts always go through my mind:

1) How could Christians own slaves and participate in such a horrible practice?

2) How could other Christians turn a blind eye to slavery and not take measures to put a stop to it sooner?

3) How could Christians in Germany and elsewhere let the Holocaust happen? Why did America not try to do something sooner?

  And then we have abortion. I don't do much about it, I admit. I pray for it to end. I always vote for pro-life candidates in any election, and I share articles about it on line. I have even stood in a few pro-life rallies, but what I have done isn't much.

  These three things, abortion, the Holocaust, and slavery have similarities:

1) In all 3, the victims were and are not seen as human life.

2) In all 3, the victims had and have no voice or rights.

3) In all 3, a political party did all they could do for the cause of keeping the atrocity legal.

4) All 3 are evil

5) Opponents of all 3 are demonized and made into the bad guys and often punished for their efforts to end or thwart the practices.

  There are probably more, but those ones stick out to me. The Holocaust is long past, though there is an increasing hatred towards Jews and Israel brought on largely by our anti-Israel president and media and by an increasing acceptance and tolerance of Islam. Slavery in America is long past, though many won't let it go, and slavery of all colors and races exist other places in the world.

  But abortion still exists. And is championed by liberals and feminists. It should bother anyone with a soul that one of the main platforms of the Democratic party is abortion, the "right" for mothers to kill their babies in the womb. Think on that. Almost every Democrat who runs for an office champions killing babies in the womb. Anyone with a conscience and capable of intelligent thought and compassion should run from voting for such candidates..... yet people who profess to be Christians vote for these baby-killing champions by the thousands.

  Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president we have ever had, and many Christians thronged after him and voted for him twice. This same man while a Senator was the only Senator to vote against a bill that would require abortion facilities to try to save aborted babies who survived. Our oh so compassionate president wanted them to leave the baby lying there until he or she died. How could anyone with a conscience vote against that bill? How could anyone with a conscience vote for a man like that? One of his first actions as president was to restore funding to organizations overseas that do abortions. He has fought his whole presidency to help the cause of killing babies.

  The same people who have no problem with voting for politicians who so crassly champion killing babies would never vote for someone who voted to abort puppies and kittens. Our country seems more concerned about the treatment of animals than the killing of babies. Maybe we have just gotten too used to it, or believe the lie that it isn't a baby but a blob of tissue. That it isn't murder but a "procedure." That it isn't ending a life, but it is "women's rights."

  A few weeks ago, Facebook was full of people demanding the Confederate flag come down, and cheering when it was taken down...... as if that was some wonderful landmark decision that would accomplish more than a hill of beans. Since then, two videos have been put on line that have Planned Parenthood directors discussing selling organs and other parts of aborted babies. In the most recent one, the woman is joking that she wants to buy a Lamborghini so she'd like to get more money out of the baby parts.

And you know what? My Facebook friends who thought the flying of a flag was so offensive that they had to keep posting about it, are silent about these two videos. I could be wrong, but I don't think any of them have said a peep about the videos. Or have the people who are always posting "save the animals" stuff.

  Now I am not saying everyone has to be posting pro-life stuff all of the time because I do..... but it seems we post things important to us and that we are passionate about. I never post "save the animals" stuff because I am not an animal lover and that just isn't important to me. Am I for abuse and neglect of animals? No, but isn't even in the same galaxy of importance for me as abortion and some other issues are.

  But it does bother me a bit when people are so passionate about things that aren't really that important and never about those that are. Maybe we have just gotten too apathetic and used to abortion. Maybe we don't like to think about the realities of innocent babies being ripped apart in the womb of their mother who view them as an inconvenience to be gotten rid of. Abortion is far worse an evil than a deserted puppy or a flag that lost its significance 150 years ago.

  We went to war to stop Hitler and his horrific treatment and killing of Jews. A war ended slavery whether or not that was the aim of the war. What will we do, what will it take to end this terrible atrocity we call abortion?

  The Holocaust was ended. Slavery in America was abolished. I am sure at the time there were sane individuals on the opposing sides of the issue that wondered if those horrible practices would ever end, but they did. I look at abortion and wonder the same. Will America ever wake up enough and stop their apathy, get our heads out of the sane and also stop this modern day Holocaust on the unborn? I believe it can be done, but it won't be easy or won't be done overnight like banning a flag. So what can we do? What should we do?

1) Vote pro-life. I don't believe there is any more important issue when voting than this one. Many may disagree with me, but I believe a vote for a pro-abortion candidate is a vote for abortion.

2) Pray. And pray hard, but if we don't do #1, there is no sense in praying.

3) Support pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers that offer pro-life alternatives.

4) Call our congressmen and ask them to de-fund Planned Parenthood and to stop using tax dollars to fund abortion.

5) Go to pro-life rallies and hold peaceful protests.

  If there was a building in our town where they were taking children and toddlers and cruelly ripping them apart, we'd do something about it. If they were ripping puppies or kitties apart in or out of the womb, we'd do something. Well, they are doing that with babies in the womb and those babies matter as much and are as much of a life as a toddler or child, and much more than an animal. What are we going to do about it?

  The excuse has been used by some that since it is a law, we just need to accept that there is nothing we can do, but that is a lousy excuse. In some civilizations, sex with kids has been and is legal..... does that mean it is OK and no one should try to stop it? A very small minority just changed  the law that marriage was between a man and a woman.....Christians far outnumber the amount of gay people in this country. It is time we stood shoulder to shoulder and send abortion where we sent slavery and the Holocaust.... into the dustbin of history and into hell where it came from.

  A mob went after a flag. Let's go after something that will really make a difference: de-fund the evil Planned Parenthood corporation, and work on ending abortion here in the US. Two down, one to go.

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