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Monday, April 20, 2015

Born gay, or not born gay?

 I did a blog post on this a little over a year ago on this subject, but something in the news today has prompted me to blog about it again. I can't remember everything I wrote before, so I may repeat myself.

  Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was on CBS (or one of those conservative-hating networks), and Bob Scheifer decided to play the game liberal media people like to play with a conservative. The "let's trap him with a gotcha' question." He was asked what all conservatives will be asked, but not liberals - their stance on same-sex marriage. Rubio said he does not believe it is a right and does not support it, but does not believe homosexuality is a choice, and that people are born gay.

  Immediately, Rubio ceased to become a possible vote for many conservatives. I am already getting emails blasting him for his comments. I personally like Rubio a lot, though I am not sure he has been as tough on immigration as he should, but I wouldn't have to hold my nose to vote for him as I did for McCain and Romney.

  But what about his comments? Is he correct, and should that disqualify him as a conservative candidate?

  I'll tackle the first part first. Is homosexuality a choice? I believe 100% no for most people who have same-sex attractions or identify as gay. I do believe some are swayed to try gay sex who normally wouldn't, but there is such a push on to encourage kids as young as Kindergarten to experiment sexually with the same sex that there are people identifying as gay who would never have been so if they had not been persuaded to try it.

  But on the flip side of the coin, there are tons of people who did not choose it. They either gradually or suddenly realize they aren't attracted to the opposite sex, but to those of the same gender. They don't wake up some morning and think "hey, I am tired of being straight. I am going to be gay."

 So if people don't choose to be gay, what makes them gay? I have read many arguments from liberal and conservative viewpoints, and I lean towards believing that no one is born gay. I believe outward influences that I won't go into factor a lot into it. I do, however believe people can be born with a predisposition to homosexuality, and it depends on certain things in his or her life if they will "turn gay" or not. People are born with a predisposition to be an alcoholic and other behaviors, so why not homosexuality?

  Here is where the rub comes in. The pro-gay and liberal crowd want it to be true that people are born gay, because they feel that will make it OK and normal. Christians and conservatives on the other hand, don't want to believe people are born gay because it will give the other side more ammunition.

 But does it matter? Let's say for a minute that the pro-gay crowd are correct, and that people are born gay. Does that make it OK, normal? Does that mean the Bible is wrong when it says it is a sin? Does that mean the church and Christians need to throw out everything we have ever believed about it being wrong and cave in to the pro-gay agenda?

  A resounding no to all of the above. We are all born sinners. There is no automatic desire to do what is right and good. A baby is selfish and demanding from day one. Once a child learns to talk, it is automatic for them to lie and disobey. Every human is born with the automatic built in bent towards sin. So does that make all sin OK and normal since we are born desiring to sin? Of course not. And even if they should some day prove that people are indeed born gay, that will not erase what God has said about it. It will not suddenly make it OK and normal. So someone may be born with the attraction to the same sex and with the desire to have sexual relations with the same sex.... so what. Welcome to the human race where it is natural to want to sin, to be attracted to things we should not do and should not have.

  Doing the right thing, serving God, and denying ourselves to do God's will and desires and not our own is not normal. It isn't easy. You have to go against the grain. You have to say no to sin and things that could lead to sin......but gay people think they are the exception to that. They don't have to take up a cross and deny themselves, for since they can't flip a switch on their attraction, then it must be OK with God and the Bible is wrong. But they are wrong. Any Christian who is genuinely serving God is swimming upstream against the current, against popular opinion, against society and the world.

  Christians knock the gay people who claim to be Christian, yet refuse to let go of their gay identity and all that goes with the gay lifestyle..... yet our churches are full of people who don't want to deny themselves of much of anything to be a Christian. They don't want to give up their identity to put on the mind of Christ. They don't want to give up their pet sins and things that lead to sin..... but they expect the Christian who has same-sex attractions to do so.

  Born gay or not, it doesn't matter. We are all born sinners. We all have to make a choice: our will or God's. We have to choose to live for Him, or live for self. We all have to lay aside any weight or sin that may hold us back and run the race. Sure, it may seem unfair and very difficult for those who experience same-sex attraction to lay that aside and live for God, especially in today's world where gay is celebrated and normalized...... even by many Christians and churches...... but it is still wrong, and must be conquered and given up with God's help.

  As for Marco Rubio..... he may be wrong and he may be correct, but he still doesn't support same-sex marriage and seems to believe homosexuality is wrong.... so he still has my vote.

A great post I ran across after I wrote this that says some of what I tried to say: Gay Person, God wants to give you something far better than heterosexuality.

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